New DLC Announced for Trion’s MMORPG Defiance to Launch in December

Trion has already launched the Castithan Downloadable content pack (or DLC for short), back in August (2013) for their latest MMORPG shooter game Defiance. The Castithan DLC pack included a ton of new side missions, new story missions for the Castithan race, the combat Arena, a new four player vehicle, and as the DLC pack suggests you also get the option to create a Castithan playable character.

The new update also included a large variety of new charged weapons such as the lightsaber style swords, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols. The charged weapons work similar to the charged plasma pistol from the popular video game Halo, so that players can do a bit more damage with their weapons by holding down the fire button to charge up attacks.

Defiance has gone through a lot of changes over the past several months as the developers updated how items drop and how stats stack with higher ego level weapons to help make the game a bit more fun and balanced. So far, I really like where the game is going with its updates. There is still a minor problem with the new quick chat function, but hopefully they will change it back to the way the old one worked so that you can communicate with your teammates without leaving the action, but other than that they have fixed majority of the flaws that the game had during launch.

The official Defiance website has announced that the new DLC pack “Arkbreaker” is planned to launch on December 10 to add more content to the game, such as the ability to call down Arkfalls to explore inside them, which sounds a lot like raid missions to me. They will also be adding Cold fire weapons, new monsters, and new abilities. The development team has also announced that they will be opening up the main campaign missions for cooperative play so that you can now play them with up to four players instead of them being locked to single player. All of the Arkbreaker content can be found on the Official Defiance Arkbreaker blog pos t.

The Castithan DLC pack is priced at $9.99 USD, and although the new DLC isn’t out yet I think that it is safe to guess that the second DLC pack will be listed around the same price. If you buy the season pass you can get all five DLC packs for a cheaper price.

If you would like to read more about the DLC packs and all of their content, please visit Trion worlds and Defiance official website.