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World of Warcraft Shadowlands Warrior Guide


The levelling up process has gone through many changes in the Shadowlands, and by that, I mean levelling up as a Warrior, as it has gotten quite simple and straightforward. You can now generate the Charge ability to store energy and hit your enemies. You can also swap between DPS and Tank Specializations to quickly complete dungeons. Speaking in terms of questing, there are many tools that can help in keeping your character healthy, while dealing a great amount of damage in AOE and Single-Target scenarios for this wow warrior leveling spec. The following guide will provide you with the necessary information that you need to level up your warrior class character without any difficulties or bumps in your path.

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Best Specialization for Warriors in Shadowlands

When you come across the phase where you have to choose a specialization to level up, you will have to figure out whether you want to do it as a Tank or DPS. Each of the three Warrior specs is capable enough for fast questing and levelling. However, if you choose to level up as a Fury or Arms, then keep in mind that during situations where you are having trouble getting into dungeon groups as DPS, you must swap to Protection – which is a quicker way to find a genuine dungeon group.

Speaking in terms of Fury and Arms, they are both solid to deal with solo content and can inflict a great deal of damage thanks to their abilities. They are quite sustaining to get through high-level mobs without slowing down. Protection Warriors deal less damage when compared to Fury and Arms, but they have their own strengths for this wow warrior leveling spec. A good example would be how Protection Warriors can pull many enemies together and still survive thanks to its extraordinary defensive abilities. In addition, they also have many offensive tools to offer, so questing swiftly is not going to be a problem. However, in the end, it’s all about the playstyle that you prefer and enjoy. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the guide.

Warrior Class: Ability Unlocks in Shadowlands

Levels 2 to 6

At level 2, you unlock the ability called Charge, which helps in closing the gap between you and your enemy target, while at the same time, generating a good amount of Rage. At level 3, you unlock the ability called Shield Slam, which deals damage to a single enemy target, and it should be used on cooldown until you decide on a spec at level 10. At level 3, you unlock the ability called Hamstring, which allows you to put some distance between you and the enemy target by slowing them down for wow warrior leveling guide. At level 5, you unlock the ability called Victory Rush, which allows you to heal yourself as you defeat an enemy, making it a good source to maintain your health while levelling up. At level 6, you unlock the abilities called Shield Block and Executive, which is a powerful defensive ability that blocks physical attacks, and a high-damaging combat finisher used on mobs that have their health down to below 20%, respectively. However, you cannot unlock Execute, until or unless you have completed the quest ‘A Warrior’s End’ for this wow warrior leveling guide.

Levels 7 to 34

At level 7, you unlock the ability called Pummel, which interrupts the enemy’s spellcasting and prevents them from casting it again (short duration). At level 8, you unlock the ability called Taunt, which is a threat ability that forces the enemy to focus its attacks on you. At level 9, you unlock the ability called Whirlwind, which is an AOE tool that deals damage to up to five enemies. At level 17, you unlock the ability called Ignore Pain, which is a shielding ability that absorbs partial incoming damage. At level 24, you unlock the ability called Heroic Throw, which allows players using Ranged Attacks to deal damage to the enemies who are far across the area (AGGRO) for this wow warrior guide. At level 29, you unlock the ability called Berserker Rage, which is again a defensive ability, but it removes the loss from control effects. At level 33, you unlock the ability called Heroic Leap, which allows you to swiftly leap from one tile to another. At level 34, you unlock the ability called Intimidating Shout, which disorients the enemy targets around you for a short period of time.

Levels 39 to 54

At level 39, you unlock the ability called Battle Shout, which is an intense group-wide buff that increases the damage inflicted upon the enemy. At level 41 for this wow warrior guide, you unlock the ability called Shattering Throw, which is another Ranged ability that has a cast time and deals a good amount of damage against absorbs. It also assists in removing any magical immunities. At level 46, you unlock the ability called Rallying Cry, which is a defensive group cooldown that increases maximum and current health for a short duration of time. At level 47, you unlock the ability called Spell Reflection, which is a short buff that reduces the damage from incoming magical attacks, and at the same time, causes the hostile spells to be reflected back on the enemy. Finally, at level 57, you unlock the ability called Challenging Shout, which is a taunting ability that causes the enemy target to focus on you for six seconds.

Warrior Class: Best Heirloom for Levelling in Shadowlands

Heirlooms make the process of levelling up a lot smoother. When you purchase them, make sure that you get a Haste, because it helps in lowering the cooldown time for most of your abilities. Thus, making the process a lot easier.

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